Cancer on Rise in Kashmir

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Last Updated: August 23, 2017 at 2:56 am

There has been a dramatic rise of cancer cases in j&k. In seven months of this year 16480 new cases have been registered. There are various reasons behind this. Here are some precautionary measures. Please give a reading.
1. Smoking is known to be an important cause as almost three fourth cases in j&k are related to this. So please quit smoking and also try your best to persuade others to quit this
2. Make habit of using vegetales, fruits, salad . Don’t eat too much meat as excess of every thing is bad.
3. If you have some land grow vegetables yourself but avoid using pesticides. Try to convince farmers who are growing vegetables to avoid use of pesticides and other chemical fertilizers. As our future is interrelated with each other.
4. Try to avoid kangri as much as you can.
5. We have grown a habit of taking unnecessary medicines, specially anti biotics, pain killers etc stop this, and there is a request to doctors please prescribe medicines which are necessary only. Please
6. Avoid food items which are sold in markets. Discourage your childrens also from using such food items specially chips, sugar drinks, packed pop corns, pickles etc
7. Give up luxirious life style. Adopt simplicity. Dont make habit of sitting for long periods. Make your self active start exercising, walking, some hard work in garden etc
8. Use garlic onion,cauliflower,cabbage, fish and milk in your diet.
9. Avoid unnecessary scans like x-ray, C T scan etc
10. Avoid dry cleaning of clothes.
11. Reduce the use of cell phones.
12. Switch off all lights in your bedroom before sleeping. Maintain complete darkness.
13. Again avoid as much as you can readymade food items available in markets.
14. Those who are consuming alchol just leave it.
15. Avoid using plastic utensils specially for hot food or drink items.