Champions Trophy Withdrawal Not Yet On BCCI Agenda: Amitabh Choudhary

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Last Updated: April 20, 2017 at 5:41 am

New Delhi: Supreme Court-appointed BCCI representative for the ICC meeting on April 24, Amitabh Choudhary has made it clear that safeguarding the interest of the Board of Control for Cricket in India and Indian cricket will be the priority when he sits down to discuss the ‘Big Three’ revenue model with the other ICC members.
Speaking to Cricketnext, Choudhary said that ideally the BCCI would hope that the ICC agrees to carry on with the current model till the Annual General Meeting in June. But if that does not happen, then necessary steps will be taken to safeguard India’s interest.
“Ideally we would want ICC to accept our proposal and defer a decision on the financial structure till June. But if that does not happen, whatever decision we take will be keeping in mind the best interest of the BCCI and Indian cricket. We will be going to the meeting with an open mind,” he said.
Asked if the ‘whatever decision’ also means India could pull out of the Champions Trophy, Choudhary said: “Too early to speculate on those lines. We have taken the decision at the SGM to ask the ICC to continue with the current model till June and that is all I would like to comment on at present.”
According to the existing model, India, Australia and England get the lion’s share of revenue. This according to most of the BCCI officials is the right way forward as India generates the maximum revenue. But the ICC feels that a revised financial distribution ensuring a more equitable distribution of revenues among the members is the need of the hour.
BCCI’s Committee of Administrators (COA) though are unsure if the board’s plea for a deferral in the restructuring of the financial model will find any takers.
“The COA brought up the matter in February itself that the restructuring of the financial model be deferred for the time being, but the ICC did not pay heed and went ahead with the voting process as everyone is aware of. Highly doubtful if they will agree to the proposal this time round. But yes, the decision of the board will be final and the COA and the board members are on the same boat,” a source close to the COA told Cricketnext.
Asked if pulling out of the Champions Trophy had been discussed by the COA, he said: “According to the rule, you either pull out of all ICC events or none. There is no concept of pulling out of just one event. But yes, that step has not been discussed yet.”
In fact, former BCCI chief and current ICC chairman Shashank Manohar has already made it clear that the change will surely take place in the financial structure and that is not debatable.
“There are still details to work through and concerns to be addressed, but the principle of change is agreed and not for debate. I want the ICC to be reasonable and fair in our approach to all 105 members and the revised constitution and financial model does that,” he explained.
Interestingly, most of the BCCI officials are not open to the idea of a re-worked revenue model where India gets a slightly higher share as compared to the rest of the members.
“It is an idea that has been floated that the BCCI might be given a slightly higher share as compared to the other members, but that does not really solve the purpose. Would you not want the best appraisal if you have brought maximum business to your company? Or would you be happy to share the fruits of your effort with those who are not even part of your endeavour? We don’t see anything wrong in our demand,” a senior BCCI official said.