Corruption: We’re slaves until we get freedom from it:Kamal Haasan

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Last Updated: August 16, 2017 at 3:08 am

Kamal on Tuesday said Indians cannot attain true freedom until they are freed of the scourge of corruption. “Till there is no freedom from corruption, we are still slaves. Those who dare and vow for a new freedom movement… come and we will win,” Kamal Haasan said in a tweet.
In another tweet, the actor said: “My aim is a better Tamil Nadu. Who dares to strengthen my voice? DMK, AIADMK and parties are tools to help. If those tools are blunt, find others.”
He also questioned why no one called for resignation of the Chief Minister in Tamil Nadu on the issue of mishaps and corruption in the state.
Without naming anyone, he said in a tweet: “If one state’s CM (Chief Minister) should resign for a mishap and corruption under his government, how come no party calls for resignation in TN? Enough crimes done.”