Crime Branch Registers Case Against Metal Proprietors

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Last Updated: August 25, 2018 at 8:26 pm

Crime Branch Kashmir has registered a case against Proprietors of M/S “Sachdeva Metal Works” C-33 Focal Point Jallandhar and officials of M/S CEIL R.K Puram New-Delhi on a complaint received from Proprietor M/S “New Valley Hardware Store” Maisuma Srinagar alleging therein that he had placed an order for supply of centrifugally cast(Spun) ductile Iron Pipe (210 Mtrs) of 600MM K9(ND) to one Arvind Paul Singh Sachdeva, & others Proprietors of M/S “Sachdeva Metal Works” Jallander Punjab.

The applicant is under contract with J&K Govt for supply of these pipes and installed on a work of PHE Department. During test check of the work, 03 pipes got burst and PHE department has confirmed that the pipes supplied by the above said firm and installed in the work are substandard.

Subsequently a Preliminary enquiry was initiated in Crime Branch Kashmir, Srinagar. During the course, it transpired that the alleged companies (1) M/S Sachdeva Sales Corporation and (2) M/S Sachdeva Metal Works have supplied the D.I pipes on different dates. The complainant installed these pipes in the allotted work and completed the job. However, during testing process 01 pipe installed in the work got burst and other 04 developed cracks, and again in May-2016 one more testing process was conducted during which 04 pipes developed cracks with the result the work has come to a halt and could not be made functional. PHE Mechanical Department Srinagar has made test of the broken samples through NIT Srinagar. The expert opinion has confirmed that the chemical composition of the sample matched with Hyper eutectic cast iron and microstructure, confirms that the same is Grey Cast Iron. It is amply clear that pipes of inferior quality have been supplied to the complainant. It has prima facie established that the alleged companies have under well knit conspiracy with CEIL Delhi resorted to illegal acts, prepared false documents and supplied inferior & sub-standard D.I Pipes to the complainant (M/s New Valley Hardware Store) Srinagar, causing undue delay in the execution of the Govt scheme.

Accordingly, a case was registered against Proprietors of M/S “Sachdeva Metal Works” C-33 Focal Point Jallander Arvind Paul Singh Sachdeva, Varpreet Singh Sachdeva and Daljeet Singh Sachdeva sons of late Sardar Rajinder Singh for supplied inferior & sub-standard D.I Pipes and the officials of M/S CEIL R.K Puram New-Delhi for preparing false documents