Daily/Today’s Horoscopes Sunday 21 October

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Last Updated: October 21, 2018 at 8:53 am


OCT 21, 2018: You might think that you aren’t using other people to your advantage — but you’d be wrong. Don’t beat yourself up about it — everyone does it, though that’s really no excuse. Today, re-examine your relationships and take a critical look at the ones that are more about increasing your social status and popularity than about a real connection between two people. If you desire deeper relationships with the people in your social circle, you can have them. It’s up to you to take the first step.


OCT 21, 2018: You will be surrounded by overabundance today — and by many opportunities to lose your self-control and do things you’ll later regret. So know your limits, and make sure to stay on the right side of decorum. Also, today, think about the future — avoid opting for immediate gratification when you can go for something that will be a lot more valuable to your life in the long run. Look for opportunities to grow, not opportunities to indulge.


OCT 21, 2018: The folks around you could get whiplash today if they try to follow your every move! With a million ideas buzzing in your head, you will be going in a million directions at once. But be careful — you could flail all day long and waste a lot of energy if you don’t make a plan with some structure. If you discipline yourself and get organized, you can actually make headway on one or two of your brilliant ideas. Quality, not quantity, should be your focus.


OCT 21, 2018: Assumptions are dangerous things make! You might think that other people can change what they are doing to accommodate you today, but you would be wrong. Their plans will be firm, and you will be the one who has to do some accommodating. Luckily, you are as flexible as ever, and it might even feel good to do these stretches today! You do not hold all the power right now, but you do not have to feel powerless. Concentrate on reacting in a positive way.