Death Of Patient At SKIMS: No Mismatched Or Transfusion Reaction Says SKIMS Committee

Last Updated: May 9, 2019 at 6:33 pm

SKIMS authority today in statement said that this is in reference to protest by family members of Mir Anjum recently died at SKIMS. Regarding death of one patient Mir Anjum, who expired at SKIMS last month to the complaint of alleged transfusion reaction was fully investigated.
The committee scrutinized patient record as well as blood bank record for any mismatched or transfusion reaction. The committee found no evidence of mismatched transfusion reaction in the patient. The patient was a case of EHPVO with portal cavernoma with esophageal varices, post splenectomy with devascularization.

The patient was admitted at SKIMS for the condition. Two blood points were transfused, one on 29th March and another on 30th March, 2019. Post transfusion sample of blood of patient as well as blood bag were tested.

Both direct coombs test as well as indirect coombs test were negative, no haemolysis was found in patient post transfusion. The allegations leveled by the relatives are baseless.