JKPSC in shambles

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Last Updated: August 19, 2017 at 12:21 pm

Our head should low in shame because The JKPSC has lost its glory, credibility and autonomous character. The Question papers are sold to Devils Men at a high cost and their OMR sheets are then subsequently filled by the staff of JKPSC who have taken the money.

It is alleged that even the question papers for main exams have been sold to the greedy and inefficient lot by the JKPSC for the reason they were eager to conduct main examinations in October 2017 inspite of countless allegations before different foras.

I am reminded of the time when we qualified way back through same autonomous body, but we would derive proud that we have been selected by JKPSC. But now the sick Minds and High- Tech corrupt officials of JKPSC have taken over the reigns of this prestigious institution. Even in past few examinations conducted by the same body A Herd of corrupt, Inefficient, mentally bankrupt stuff has been selected who presently hold highest seats in the bureaucracy and Police, for the reason the system has become paralysed, unproductive and inefficient

Is there any GOD fearing person in the government to clean the JKPSC of all corrupt elements and stop the external influences of retired officials who have one time been in this prestigious autonomous body.