Kashmir band sings in Rohingyas solidarity

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Last Updated: September 19, 2017 at 1:00 pm

SRINAGAR: In solidarity with the Rohingyas, a Kashmiri band Emcee Ame has recently come up with a song Rohingya: A Silent Genocide.
The song was released on September 17, on the Emcee Ame’s Youtube Channel. The main producer Aamir Emee, while sharing what prompted him to sing for people, residing far away, says that he always stands for the rights of people who are oppressed. “It doesn’t matter which religion they are practicing,” he said.
The rapper’s 2.50 minute video is a mix of Urdu and English that has used lot of photographs aviliable in the public domain already. It criticizes the Mayanmar leader for being a noble laureate and still watching the carnage of a minority.
Sufi Auqib, the lyricist says that the condition of Rohingya reminds them of their own people and their helplessness. “This is the reason we wanted to do something for them (Rohingyas) that we are capable of.”
The song, all in all, laments UN, and Auug Su Kyi, the Prime Minister of the country, for just calculating the deaths occurring in Rohingya and doing nothing on practical grounds. “We ask the holder of Noble Peace prize… the all are dying in front of her eyes… and she’s bothered about her power and pride,” read few lyrics of the song.
Aamir Ame, 23, has, by now, released 3 Albums viz, Dedications, Anecdote Ep, and Survival. He is currently working on his upcoming album Survival. Dead Eyes, one of the songs of the album was dedicated to Kashmir’s pellet victims. The song got 15k plus views in a week only.