‘Kashmir is a land of Reshis, can’t be used for sale of liquor’ If it’s freedom of choice, why beef has been banned: Mirwaiz tells Drabu

Last Updated: June 27, 2016 at 7:44 am

Srinagar: Commenting on the state government’s decision of not banning sale of liquor in Jammu Kashmir, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman and Jammu Kashmir Muttahida Majlis-e-Ulema chief, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Saturday expressed deep concern over it and said the open sale of liquor in the Muslim-majority state would lead to social evils and health hazards.

Stressing that not banning liquor in Kashmir was a tactical approval of the government to its sale and consumption, the Mirwaiz said this would mean pushing people towards waywardness and health hazards.

Mirwaiz further said it was unfortunate that while Bihar government had taken reformative measures of banning the sale of liquor in Bihar, Jammu Kashmir, despite being a Muslim-majority state, was witnessing government patronage in its sale and consumption.

Stating that if sale and consumption of liquor, which is strictly prohibited in Islam, was a matter of ‘freedom of choice’, as referred by finance minister Haseeb Drabu, he questioned then why was sale and consumption of beef, which is permitted in Islam, banned in the state.

Promising to carry forward the movement against the sale and consumption of liquor, he said the land of Reshis and Sufi saints would not be allowed to be polluted by liquor and alcoholic drinks.

The Mirwaiz also appealed the Ulema, Imams and respectable Muslim citizens of the state to come forward and join the movement for ban on sale and consumption of liquor in the state.

Meanwhile, delivering a Waiz-o-Tableeg at a programme organised in connection with the ‘Ten Days of Forgiveness’ of Ramadan, he said the ongoing holy month not only brings countless blessings to the Muslims and fasting from dawn to dusk brings them closer to the Almighty Allah but also teaches to stay away from wrongdoings and vices.

Stressing that the holy month of Ramadan teaches us to resist the temptations and desires besides helping in physical and spiritual cleansing, he said it also gives the message of coming to the rescue of the poor and the destitute.

However, he said the philosophical message of Ramadan is that after staying away from wrongdoings and vices for a month, the lessons learnt needed to be implemented throughout the year and thus help in reforming the society at large of its evils.

Hoping that the way Masjids, Khankahs and shrines remained jam-packed with the faithful and the way people competed with one another in helping the poor and the destitute throughout this holy month, they would carry forward this resolve throughout the year, the Mirwaiz said then only would the lessons of Ramadan be considered to be driven home.

He said besides paying attention to reforming oneself, there was also a dire need to focus our attention toward our society which is caught in a quagmire of social evils from which we could come out only by putting in collective efforts for bringing a social change for good.

Meanwhile a Hurriyat delegation comprising amalgam Executive member Moulana Masroor Abbas and Media Advisor Advocate Shahid ul Islam today left for New Delhi to attend the Iftaar party organized by Pakistan High Commissioner to New Delhi Abdul Basit.