Mirwaiz to hold state-wide conference against Govt’s move on clerks Says authorities will soon crackdown on our mosques

Last Updated: June 30, 2016 at 7:45 am

Srinagar: Condemning the government’s intent of cracking a whip on the religious activities of Ulemas and Imams of Masjids, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman and Jammu Kashmir Muttahida Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU) chief, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Wednesday said if any such decision is taken it would be direct interference in religious duties.

He said it is a serious issue against which MMU would call a state-wide conference during which the issue would be delved into and a strategy devised to counter any such move of the government.

Terming the government’s statement against the local Ulemas and Imams of Masjids and putting a question mark on their activities every other day as insulting, the Mirwaiz said this shows the attitude of the government toward the respectable class of people of Kashmir.

The Mirwaiz said, “I fear and so feel my duty to caution the people that it seems soon the authorities will start to crackdown on our mosques and clergy, forcing them to either shut down or follow their diktats.”

Stressing that while Ulema have a responsibility to persuade people towards religion and religious duties, he said they were also duty-bound to delve on issues of public interest including the day to day problems faced by them.

Addressing a Waiz-o-Tableeg programme during the ‘Ten Days of Salvation’ of Ramadan at Peer Padshah Masjid, Bota Kadal, the Mirwaiz Chairman called upon the Muslim Ummah to ensure that they perform Hakook-ul-Ibaad (Rights owed to humanity) to the best of their abilities just like they perform Hakook Allah (Rights owed to Allah like prayers and fasting) during the ongoing holy month of Ramadan.

Shedding light on the importance of the ‘Ten Days of Salvation’ of Ramadan, he said Allah could forgive carelessness in performing Hakook-ul-Allah but not in Hakook-ul-Ibaad and cited examples that people despite having responsibilities toward the weaker sections of the society often ignore them.

Urging people to benefit from the blessings and auspiciousness of the holy month of Ramadan and seeking forgiveness of the Almighty Allah for their sins, the Mirwaiz said controlling unwanted desires was necessary and helping the poor and the destitute builds a society devoid of social evils.

Delving on the philosophy of the holy month of Ramadan, he said it teaches us to help one another in difficult times by being empathetic toward one another and showing solidarity with each other’s cause and by helping the poor and the destitute to avail things and opportunities which we do for ourselves.