Mirwaiz warns of mass agitation if govt doesn’t clear its ‘anti-Kashmir policies’

Says no one can stop us from achieving freedom

Last Updated: July 2, 2016 at 8:07 am

Srinagar : While terming the situation in the sub continent as very grave and dangerous Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq today said war mongers are openly advocating for war and confrontation in the region and such aggressive attitude will only take the whole region to the brink of disaster.

The Mirwaiz was addressing a very large gathering of devotees at historic Jamia Masjid Srinagar who had assembled there to participate in the congregation of Juma-tul-Vida which was observed as Youm-e-Quds as per the joint programme of resistance leadership, said how ironical it was that those who call themselves as the champions of world’s largest democracy  are talking of war as the resolution of the Kashmir issue and we, who advocate dialogue and deliberations among all stakeholders for its resolution in order to usher peace prosperity and stability in the region are labeled as traitors and terrorists.

He said the space for the leadership as well as the masses for raising the voice for right to self determination and expressing resentment and resistance against human right violations and anti Kashmir polices is being more and more squeezed by the Indian authorities and their local collaborators.

“I would like to remind them of a basic natural law that there is equal and opposite reaction to every action so the more you push us the more we may resent back, the more you oppress us the more resistance would be there and history of the freedom struggles around the world bear witness to this fact,” he said.

Adding, in Kashmir it is the same. “Each day as more and more young and educated youth are being forced to choose violent means of resistance, more and more people are joining funeral processions of the militant Martyrs eulogizing them, and not fearing retaliation by the forces ,more and more boys are found pelting stones at the slightest provocation to express resentment and dislike,” he said.

The Mirwaiz said how long can they hold on this “peace” pretext to practice oppression and muzzle the voice of people and leadership.

“The sentiment for Azadi and right of self determination is far too overwhelming among the people to be crushed by the oppressive and suppressive tactics,” he said.

Mirwaiz said people have offered innumerable sacrifices for the cause of freedom and time will come when Peoples resilience fortitude and sacrifices will triumph over the tyranny and oppression and that is when real peace will usher in.

He appealed to saner elements in India to understand the ground realities of Kashmir in its political and historical context without filters and play their role in the resolution of this political and human issue.

Mirwaiz said to get a complete hold on the state, the implementation of the agenda of demographic change both through the new industrial policy and allotment of land to non state subjects especially in Jammu area is going on where through lease or power of attorney land is given to non state subjects. He said in Qasim Nagar area of Jammu land has been given to non locals through power of attorney with a view to settle these people stealthy and steadily.

Mirwaiz cautioned the Govt to come clear on these issue or face people’s agitation and understand that people of Kashmir cannot be taken for a ride and will give stiff resistance to any move which is against their interests.

He said that resistance leadership is closely watching the Government’s moves, be it with regard to the Industrial Policy, Sanik Colnies or Separate Townships for Pandits.

At this occasion the Mirwaiz presented a resolution about the issues of Kashmir and Palestine prepared jointly by the resistance leadership before the people and obtained their approval. The same resolution was presented across the Valley in Majids, Shines and Imam Baras and their approval was sought.