One month on, Talab Tillo reels under severe water crisis

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Last Updated: December 23, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Jammu: One month on, Talab Tillo reels under severe water crisis
The residents of Talab Tillo Bohri, near wine factory, have been facing acute shortage of water since the last more than one month, but the concerned PHE Department is least bothered as despite repeated reminders and pleas by the locals, it has done nothing to address the problem.
The residents of the area said that the problem in their area occurred during the sewerage works which were carried out in the area sometime back.
Vijay Kumar, a resident of Talab Tillo, said that the affected people have, several times, brought the matter to the notice of the authorities of the PHE Department but they only gave assurances and the water scarcity continues to trouble people.
He said that the people have been managing their daily water needs from a nearby temple which is at a fair distance from the locality.
“Today also, we approached the PHE authorities, who again assured that the issue regarding water supply would be resolved soon,” the locals said and appealed to the concerned authorities to address the problem.
The locals said that since the last around one month, there is very little supply of water in their area.
“Whenever, there is water supply in our area, it is not sufficient to meet our daily needs, and if supplied, the pressure is such that we hardly get a bucket full of water,” the locals said.