Pakistan Navy fires anti-ship missile in Arabian Sea

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Last Updated: September 23, 2017 at 11:49 pm

Islamabad: The Pakistan Navy on Saturday fired an anti-ship missile from the air to hit a target in the Arabian Sea as the navy chief said the firing drill demonstrated his force’s war preparedness.

A Sea King Helicopter launched the air-to-surface missile that hit the intended target with “pinpoint accuracy”, a navy spokesperson said.

The fire power display was witnessed by the navy chief, Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah, who praised the combat readiness of the fleet. The successful firing of the missile from the helicopter was a testament of the navy’s war preparedness and professional skills, he said.

“The successful firing by helicopter Sea King is reflective of (the) high state of readiness and professionalism of (the) Pakistan Navy fleet,” Zakaullah said as he visited several ships at sea and witnessed the exercise.

He said the navy is committed to ensuring Pakistan’s seaward defence and “will safeguard the torrential water boundaries of the motherland and its interests at any cost”.

In March, the navy had conducted a successful test of a land-based anti-ship missile. That trial was conducted from a coastal region and the missile hit a target placed at sea.

In May, the Pakistan Navy received seven surplus Sea King multi-role helicopters it had ordered from the UK in 2016.