Pathushay Bandipora grid Sub-station complete, to be commissioned after completion of 132 KV line: Andrabi

Last Updated: June 27, 2016 at 8:56 am

Srinagar : Minister of State for Power Syed Farooq Ahmad Andrabi informed the House that the grid sub-station at Pathushay Bandipora will be commissioned only after completion of 132 KV D/C Badampora-Bandipora transmission line.

Responding to a calling attention notice by Mr Usman Abdul Majid, the Minister said that the work on transmission line is in progress while the grid sub-station is complete and has been charged at 33 KV level.

The Minister said that the main reason for delay in commissioning of the grid sub-station is incompletion of feeding 132 KV D/C transmission line. He informed the House that out of 111 locations, 90 foundations have been laid, 71 towers erected and 6 CKM of stringing work is completed.

The Minister said that the main cause of incompletion of this transmission line is ROW issues which have been encountered at many locations where land owners offered stiff resistance to routing of the line through their fields. He said many ROW issues have been resolved and the contractors have been advised to engage sufficient workforce for completion of works.

The Minister said that in Pehlipora, land owners are not allowing work at four locations and are insisting for diversion of line. He further said, that in two locations at Yangoora, PNC has failed and these locations have been recommended for compulsory execution.

He said tower and foundation design compatible involving benching, leg extension and protection walls is being introduced in Kashmir valley for the first time.