PDP-BJP generating controversies for political gains: G A Mir

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Last Updated: August 23, 2017 at 2:54 am

‘Congress capable enough to defeat designs of BJP RSS’
Jammu: Lashing out at BJP for generating controversies to serve their vested interests, J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir has blamed PDP BJP for creating an atmosphere of uncertainty in the State. He also blamed the later for creating social and political uncertainty also to serve their vested interest, as a result, there is a complete uncertainty at all level including social and political.
Addressing serious of public and Party meetings in Poonch Rajouri and Reasi districts today, G.A. Mir said besides the uncertainty in the State, BJP PDP is responsible for creating social political uncertainty saying that they can go to any extent to remain in power, while as the approach of the both coalition partners is contradictory, but despite that they are sharing power.
G.A. Mir was accompanied by Senior Vice President Shamlal Sharma, Dy.CLP Leader Aijaz Ahmad Khan, Former Ministers Mula Ram, Jugal Kishore Sharma, Farooq Andrabi and others.
Blaming PDP BJP Coalition for generating current controversy on Art 35 A aiming to keep the situation burning, Mir said that the coalition partners are deliberating creating hurdles in the peace and development of the State by doing politics on sensitive issues, as a result, the situation in the State especially in valley continues to deteriorate, which is a matter of great concerns
He expressed concern over the disturbing socio political scenario obtaining out of misrule and mismanagement by PDP BJP Coalition in the State, G.A. Mir blamed the coalition for failing to create peaceful atmosphere, rather they are creating social and political uncertainty aiming to remain in power.
Describing the Congress Party, as the only secular force in the Country, G.A. Mir said that Congress Party has always strengthened the secularism and it will continue to safeguard the secular fabric of the Country.
He said Congress Party will defeat the designs of BJP RSS creating atmosphere of discord will not allow them to play with the emotions of people for political gains.
Referring to the organizational activities and affairs in all three regions of the State, G.A Mir added that Congress Party is holding organizational elections from booth level inorder to invigorate the party from grass roots level, as that it is the Congress party alone, but at the same, Mir said that Congress Party is a vibrant situation in the State capable of defeating BJP RSS menace hell bent upon to divide people on regional lines inorder to serve their vested interests.
Addressing the meetings Senior Vice President Shamlal Sharma hit out at BJP RSS for misleading people on every count just to share power with PDP, as that, despite the contradiction in the approach of PDP BJP, the coalition partners are sharing power by not caring about urges and aspirations of the people, saying that PDP BJP secured votes by making false promises, as a result, people not only in Jammu but in Kashmir and Ladakh feel backstabbed and betrayed.
He (Shamlal Sharma) added that BJP RSS will never succeed to implement their communal agenda neither in the country nor in the State, as that, people of J&K being mature enough have realized that BJP PDP are two sides of the same coin generating controversies out of certain sensitive issues.
Stating that Congress Party will continue to work for the overall development of the State, Shamlal Sharma accused BJP PDP ruling dispensation for failing to full their promises made with the people, he expressed confidence that Congress Party will make them (PDP BJP) accountable and answerable to people and will it continue to fight for people’s rights.
Those who addressed the meetings included Rajinder Kaka, Ch. Gani, Sain Rashid, and others.