Samsung introduces washing machines with Add wash technology

Samsung's ActivWash+ is an example of Make for India initiative.

Last Updated: June 9, 2016 at 10:33 am

Samsung India announced the next level of innovation with launch of India’s first front Load Add Wash washing machines, 5 new models in the crystal range – and the “K” Series with a revolutionary Magic Dispenser in the top load segment. The new top load range also incorporates Samsung’s ActivWash+ technology for a more convenient washing experience.

ActivWash+ is example of Samsung’s Make for India initiative. This Product was conceived in India as a result of research done by R&D and Design Teams and was developed to make washing process of Indian consumers simpler. ActivWash+ is now being sold in 33 countries across the Globe.

Commenting on the launch, Rajeev Bhutani, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India Electronics, said, “We are extremely thrilled to unveil our stylish and innovative washing machine range for our consumers. While the needs of our Indian consumers are evolving dynamically, our focus is to provide them with solutions that are stylish, time and energy saving to make their lives simple, easy and convenient.”

“Enhancing our product portfolio with our latest innovation and technology, the new Add Wash and “K” Series Top Load washing machines have been designed and tailored according to the specific needs and demands of Indian consumers,” he added.

Designed for the ever evolving and smart Indian consumers and engineered to deliver convenience in cloth washing, Samsung’s AddWash comes with an Add Door that allows the consumer to add laundry items anytime during the wash cycle. It also lets the consumer add hand washed items only for rinsing, or additional softener anytime they want during the Wash Cycle. Samsung AddWash also features the Super Speed cycle which completes a normal load in just 59 minutes. Achieving brilliance in saving time and energy, AddWash also allows the ease of ventilating the washing tub even at the narrow laundry room without any hassles. The Addwash Range would be available in the 8 & 9Kg Capacity Segments.

The revolutionary Magic Dispenser in the “K” Series Top Load Range lets one wash with less worry about residual detergent. It is specially designed to create a powerful water vortex that dissolves both liquid and powder detergent and spreads it evenly before you start washing. So it prevents the detergent from becoming lumpy and reduces the risk of any residue being left on your clothes and washing machine.

The new Range also incorporates Samsung’s revolutionary ActivWash+ technology which has a built-in sink inside the washing machine where the consumers can pre-treat and wash laundry all at one place and is available in capacities from 6.2Kg to 11Kg.

Also, being the industry’s first continuous pattern series, Samsung Lily Red (6.5 kg, 7.0 kg and 7.5 kg), Samsung Lily Blue (6.5 kg, 7.0 kg and 7.5 kg) washing machines, make a stylish lifestyle statement as well.

Anchor Price

New 8 Kg Front load Range: DP Rs. 37250 to Rs. 43850

AddWash 9 Kg: DP Rs.59990

ActivWash+ “K” Series Top Load Range: DP Rs. 18590 to Rs. 28290