Sikh man holds umbrella in hailstorm for praying Muslim in Jammu

Bhat Farooq
Last Updated: February 3, 2024 at 8:43 pm

Sikh man holds umbrella in hailstorm for praying Muslim in Jammu

Jammu, Feb 3: At a time when disheartening incidents indicating communal disharmony, cultural biases, caste-oriented practices, and the socio-political inequalities occur every day, a heartwarming visual came from Jammu where a Sikh man stands holding an umbrella, next to a Muslim man offering prayer, amid hailstorm.

The gesture has won hearts and netizens have praised the Sikh man’s act of generosity that exhibits communal harmony.

“Nikal, mein jaatha hoon (I will go),” the Sikh man is heard saying before he steps out, opens the umbrella and stands beside the praying Muslim offering shelter from the hailstorm. He continues until the prayer is over.

“This brotherhood is most beautiful & most powerful A #Sikh_brother provides his Umbrella to a Muslim brother who was PRAYING the jumma #prayer during #hailstorm in Kashmir Jammu! #Respect & appreciations!”

Another X user said, “A Muslim man was praying his Namaaz it started raining on national highway Jammu kashmir near IIT Jammu and . A Sikh man rushed with an umbrella to safeguard the Muslim man. Beautiful sight.”

Another X user said, “After watching the video that shows a Sikh rushing towards a Muslim who is offering namaz on the roadside in Jammu to hold an umbrella for him to protect him from getting wet in sudden hail reminds me of Guru Nanak Devji’s saying-“He who regards all men as equals is religious.”–(The Siasat Daily)