When Shah Rukh Khan’s pep talks helped the kids bag 22 medals

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Last Updated: August 11, 2018 at 11:42 pm

Shah Rukh Khan is called the ‘King Khan’ for a reason and he has gone all the way to prove it right. The actor recently went to meet a few kids who were heading to Moscow to represent India at the World Children’s Winners Games. These children are special ones as they are battling serious and life-threatening diseases like acute leukemia, lymphoma, and nephroblastoma.

As soon as Shah Rukh Khan learned that they were going to represent India and compete in Russia, the actor took some time off to meet them at his home and send them off to the competition.

He met each and every kid personally, spent close to an hour with them, gave them a good pep talk and handed them all jerseys and kits for the competition.
These nine kids did not just participate in this massive competition at the global level, but they also made India proud, won 22 medals in various games like swimming, rifle shooting, football, chess etc.
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