WORLD DISABILITY DAY Every year WORLD DISABILITY DAY is observed on 3rd of December.

Last Updated: December 3, 2018 at 11:20 am


(Physically Challenged)
DY. GEN. Mamager (RTD)
JK TORISM DEV. Corporation SGR.

Every year WORLD DISABILITY DAY is observed on 3rd of December.

In other words this is the day of “NATVAAN” or physically challenged people and is observed all over the world including our state as well just to rub more salt to our already hurt feelings and emotions. By bringing our disabilities to the fore it seems more or less a fun fare or a Tamasha rather than a welfare measure. By distributing medicines or sweets, organizing of Seminars/debates/workshops/live T.V. cum Radio talks, holding of painting exhibitions , Road shows OR handing over of few crutches, wheel chairs etc. among the deserving ones is simply the pass the Buck otherwise it hurts us all as at the hands of government functionaries we get no humane touch which makes such events more cruel by their rude and dry behavior and attitude.

Although an act has already been passed by the Parliament and enacted by the state but nothing practically has changed the ground situation .

Most of us are still left to our fates as concerned departments put a Deaf ear to our all genuine demands or requirements when the society in general has become a mute Spectator. Though some percentage of kind and sympathetic people do respond to our genuine calls yet the Government machinery has just turned into a mechanized graveyard with no genuine feelings and care which makes the day more painful and grief ridden.

We are facing physical challenge day in and day out yet we are made to repeat the telecast our own dependence every year without any Human touch of follow up of previous years progresss ,if any leaving us thinking and in gloom.
Nevertheless, I do not mean that the social welfare Department is short of dedicated and committed officers but most of the ground and operational staff don’t take the Global Events seriously and with the flavour and message they carry for the general masses.

How can I forget out of my fading memory the names of Mr. Kursheed Ahmad Malik ,Mr Sahil , Dr Maqbool Kursheed,his dedicated team of doctors or Dr. Mumbin (of Alson Motors), Mr Reyaz (KAS), Mr Abid (KAS) and Mr Altaf Moon for their humane approach towards the whole issue in its right spirit and connotation. Scores of other ladies and gentleman who are their best foot forward towards the cause of disability in the state also deserve a grand salute for working endlessly for this cause in the state but for their dedication it would mean a human body without a Brain.
Presently the graph of disabilities is growing fast in our state. The readers may appreciate that the disability could become any body’s property as just a small fall can make one immovable for years together that too in a lot of pain. Imagine our pain if you step in our shoes , do something practical in being sympathetic towards us by evolving a system of comfort, help and assistance for us. Check red tapism, mobilize available resources, involve youth participation in bigger way and make people aware of their rights and duties towards physically challenged people.
The students who are in the Humanities group and are pursing their studies in this stream must concentrate on ground realities and improve field work. Just getting awards and certificates won’t change the Ground Scenario until concrete steps are taken on ground based on the feedback and requirements .Whether plans or non plans the statistics figures won’t help us nor are we interested in them as they sound just like far ringing bells unaware of our miseries and sufferings. We need to evolve a sense of confidence and Hope in such kind of people for better times to come so that they gain inner strength to give befitting challenge to the disability and in the process live an honorable and satisfied life. In turn one may not get Romeo and Juliet response but a bunch of Blessings and Good wishes to shape our present and future. This is just a conscious and soul purifying duty for the able bodied people around.

Side by side I appeal my co-beings with disabilities not to lose hope or the positivity in their lives instead Fight out the challenge thrown by Almighty as we are lord’s special people with lot of mental crush levels. So don’t lose heart or hope but organize life to make it more beautiful for others as well rather than becoming dependent on them to earn simple lip service.

My genuine request to the state functionaries would be to please deliver goods and win our hearts and don’t make this day a “TAMASHA” because these disturbed souls believe in their inner strengths otherwise and for whole times to come. I quote “WISE MEN PUT THEIR TRUST IN IDEAS AND NOT IN CIRCUMSTANCES” R W Emason. This is the Ultimate trick of the life so Keep living and smiling.

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Article pledged globally to people or persons challenged with physical or other disabilities).