Mind it- Our Pain Is Our Motivation

Abdul Hameed Dar

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Last Updated: August 23, 2017 at 2:59 am

Once we think of PAIN – it just puts a rider on our thought process for a while, dampens our spirits and pulls us down for a while. But the LORD has bestowed we all human beings with a sense of sympathy , of belongingness , of sharing and caring and a constant ray of hope and well being .It becomes only one of the reasons that a brave women go through the “pangs and pains “ of motherhood espacially that of the pregnancy period. Just to fulfill the commandments of the LORD for the spark of life in order to give birth to an infant that is embedded in her womb .She nourishes the LIGHT (NOOR) of the Allah Tabark Talla or a spark of life under most unbearable conditions of physical and psychological nature. These desirables are also present in the Animal and plant kingdoms as well as per the “Bose pulsation theory”.
The moment an infant is born in this world of uncertainty or in a mortal empire sooner it takes a gasp of air and gives a cry ! and we “ WE CRY ONLY ONCE WHEN WE ARE IN PAIN” so it is from here that the alarm of bells of the pain at various other stages of our transit and transformation of life start as at stages of our growth we have an element of pain. But lucky are the ones, who sail smoothly and pass these Baracades easily for which they should be thankful to the LORD of Universe only.
But let us analyze the pain factor and put the following questions to it:-
(1) What is pain?
(2) Types of pain?
(3) Why do we get pain?
(4) Advantages of pain?
(5) Disadvantages of pain?
Every individual will give or has its interpretation, logic or theory to answer above posed questions according to his or her background, education but more so the experiences Yet this pain could be further grouped or classified into following categories:
(a) Arresting pain (b) Exaggeration pain (c) Exploiting pain (d) conscious killing pain (e) pain of intent (f) inflicting pain (g) pain of wants h) pain of might is right (i) pain of neglect j) pain of saga of sacrifices (k) pain of upliftment of the soul , mind or body (l) pain for conscious raising or correction for upliftment of spiritual attainment (m) pain for a cause or noble purpose (n) pain of hopes and emotions (o) pain of conflict and confusion (p) pain of losers and winners (q) pain of containment (r) pain of moments/moods/mind fluctuations (s) pain of failure (t) pain in taking pains in the show of life (u) pains taken to redress/reduce/rescue/arrest or diminish the same.
Best pain relievers could be mental/moral/ financial support/award or sympathy. help or care or by moral rising. But worst among them being the pain of escapism i.e. addiction of all forms ,suicide tendencies, mental depression tendencies etc.
Thus the tags could be many but the dominant common factor shall remain “THE PAIN IN ITSELF” .We can not hope or expect a world “void of pain”. It is just not possible.
Now let us analyze other aspects of pain. The Pain has a special feeling as It weaves a web of sympathy, creates a human bondage—–a stage for co-existence of living together with our family/ friends and all those who are worried for our welfare, it sends waves of sense of satisfaction and inner Solace. Naturally once you give comfort to someone who is in distress or is in pain or is in need, it in itself generates an inner Joy and a comfort zone to the provider whose mind & Soil gets tremendous bliss which no riches of the world could by. Thus the pain pins us towards our life. Keeps our spirits of brotherhood and human Bondages alive-Raises our conscious Levels and tolerance.. Thus suffering in turn make us wise – we look for alternate methods of survival-we start thinking positively and with the passage of each day We become more predetermined evolve an action plan within the provided situations for our own Survival to win over the pain.
These are all acts of “SABEREEN” who have highest Level of Tolerances which the lord loves and gives them enough strength from Divine to fight back. All these acts give us an Advantage and people around us start appreciating our determined approach with more concern. One should not curse own self or luck because the traumatic period of your life by then becomes “DARLING OF LIFE”. The virtue of the Transgression of this pain makes our life and existence that of a very. special soul as it teaches us in person as how to live in very adversaries of life and thus we imbibe hope, confidence and Tremendous determination levels-Even if the Adversity we are confronting with may be a “LIFE THREATENING ONE”-yet we become brave enough to stare into its eyes.Therefore we must accept pain in whatever form, shape, Magnitude its comes i.e. collectively, or individually, directly or indirectly. By chance or from DIVINE, or in piece meals or in Random, Unexpectedly or expectedly. Our Tolerance level, Strong Mental Determination MUST accept the facts as they confront us.Unfortunately some of us yield to it and sooner get lost in the “Circus Arena” of this mortal world and are even forgotten by their loved ones in no time. As life means BUSINESS, NO HALT, NO PAUSE therefore keep on Trickling and this pain phobia will automatically get washed off from ones Mind,s screen instantly.
Law of commons teaches that it is always the winner, who is appreciated as every cloud has a silver lining ,of Hope, Aspiration for a Better Quality of Life and a pain- free atmosphere to Live and avoid Physical or Mental Pains. It is for better to become a part of that Silver lining of hope and aspirations rather than defeat or despondency. According to my personal perception the word pain could be interpreted as per the following meanings:-
P:- Patient
A:- Avoid Annoyance
I:- Use Your Common Sense or Intelligence
N:- No to Fear Psychosis-or Surrendering timidly
and in order to keep you spirits high.
Article is pledged to the people globally and my Bosom friend Mr Ramesh Puri who is giving tough fight to the ailment he is suffering from for quiet sometime now.

Dy. General Manager (Rtd), JKTDC, Kashmir