NASA’s brand new ‘baby’ exoplanet sheds light on planetary evolution- Watch

Last Updated: June 22, 2016 at 7:51 am

New Delhi: NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft spotted a youngest known exoplanet orbiting close to its host star.

Named K2-33b, the baby planet is only 5 to 10 million years old and appears similar to Neptune in size. As per NASA reports, the newly discovered planet takes just 5.4 days to revolve around its host star which is 20 times closer than distance from the Earth to the Sun.

Scientists at US space agency claims that this discovery will help them to dig deeper into the history of planetary formation. Kepler in its extended K2 mission measured the first signal of planet’s existence with the help of telescope’s cameras which detected the the periodic dimming of light emitted by the planet’s host star.