Re-assessment of dev of backward areas mandatory after every 10 years: Sajjad Lone

69 villages already identified as Backward in Chadoora tehsil

Last Updated: June 28, 2016 at 7:17 am

Srinagar: Minister for Social Welfare,  Science and Technology, Mr. Sajjad Gani Lone today informed that after every 10 years the re-asses the development of backward areas is mandatory  to notify and de-notify the Backward areas in the State.

Replying to a question of  Mr. Javaid Mustafa Mir, the Minister informed that Section-11  (1 ) of J&K State Commission for Backward Classes Act, 1997,  provides that Government may at any time and shall  at the expiry of 10 years from the coming into force of this Act and every succeeding period of 10 years thereafter, undertake revision of the lists with a view to excluding from such lists those classes who have ceased to be Backward Classes or for including in such lists new Backward Classes.

The Minister further informed that Section-11 (2) further provides that the Government shall, while undertaking any revision referred to in sub-section (1), consult the Commission. He said the said exercise is a continuous process and shall be undertaken in consultation with Backward Classes Commission at appropriate time depending upon the improvement of indicators in already notified RBA areas.

The Minister said that 69 villages of tehsil Chadoora have already been identified as backward areas from time to time. He said as and when more recommendations from the Commission are received, appropriate action will be taken.