Strengthening global ties, PM Narendra Modi grows even stronger at home

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Last Updated: September 17, 2017 at 9:06 pm

Narendra Modi knew that he would be the Prime Minister of the country one day, said Jagdish Chandra, CEO Zee Regionals and Zee Hindustan in an exclusive analysis on 40 months of Modi Government.
New Delhi: Narendra Modi knew that he would be the Prime Minister of the country one day, said Jagdish Chandra, CEO Zee Regionals and Zee Hindustan in an exclusive analysis on 40 months of Modi Government. He said Modi and Shah are made for each other. Looking at the weakening Congress and scattered opposition, Chandra said Modi could return to power in 2019.
Jagdish Chandra also said that Modi is heading towards election reforms and very soon it is possible that Lok Sabha and Assembly elections would be held together. In its mission towards the south, Chandra expressed hope that BJP would do better in Kerala and Karnataka. He called an understanding of BJP with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu a strategic move by the party.
Mr Chandra praised PM Modi for launching various people-oriented projects during his tenure. Though he feels there is a scope for improvement in the implementation of these projects. As per the sources, he said, People have faith in PM but his projects, Constant declination of the GDP has worked as a proof for the same.
When asked about the condition of Kashmir, he firmly said that there was no scope in making any change in 35A and Article 370. Kashmir might be putting Modi government in a fix right now but the verdict of the Supreme Court on triple talaq would prove Trump card in the coming Lok Sabha election, said Jagdish Chandra. He added PM Modi still need to work on gaining minority’s trust. RSS’s intrusion in various ministries and educational institutions can’t be ruled out. Opposition or many might mock PM for his foreign visits but as per Chandra’s analysis of 40-month tenure of Modi government, his visits have improved India’s relations with foreign countries.
Latest visit of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to India has given a stern message to China and Pakistan. Now, China would think twice before starting any border dispute.
Chandra is hopeful that PM would try his level best in extraditing Dawood to India. He is hopeful that in the leadership of Cabinet Minister Nitin Gadkari and the help of various bureaucrats Ganga will be cleaner and joining of various rivers would take place.
PM’s connection and his love for Gujarat can’t be overlooked that might be the reason he chose Ahmadabad to start much-awaited Bullet train project and now on his birthday, 17 September he will inaugurate Sardar Sarovar Dam in the same state. This is the same dam whose foundation was made by PM Jawaharlal Nehru 56 years ago.
Here is an abstract of the analysis:
Q1. Had anyone in Gujarat ever imagined Narendra Modi as the prime minister of India?
One astrologer had predicted Narendra Modi’s appointment as the prime minister, but I do not have much information about it. Only one person in Gujarat knew that Modi will lead the country one day, and it was Narendra Modi himself. I believe he fulfilled his dream of becoming the prime minister in three phases. In the first phase of the strategy, he got himself declared as a candidate for the post, for which Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh helped a lot. For the second phase, he got tickets for chosen candidates along with RSS. In the third and final phase, he began a huge propaganda, which helped in elections of most of the candidates who were in his favour.
Q2. Will Modi be able to win Gujarat elections due this December? Is bullet train an election prop for it?
Whatever is the situation of the country, is the situation in Gujarat. It is quite possible that Amit Shah will again build a strategy by keeping Narendra Modi in front. He is in a position to win the elections this time. Definitely, whatever impact has happened due to the bullet trains and Japan’s prime minister will benefit Modi and Gujarat elections.
Q3. Has Modi given any message to China by inviting Japan’s prime minister to India?
Modi has not only given a message to China but to Pakistan as well by inviting Japan’s prime minister. The important point to be noted is that the relationship between the two countries is not limited to trains only. This was a very strategic move which will reap benefits as more investment is expected from Japan. And as far as international relations are concerned, it definitely will benefit.
Q4. Has Modi become a global leader now? When will the relationship between India and China be normalised?
Modi has definitely become a global leader. It can be stated because wherever he goes outside the country, people come in thousands and lakhs to listen to him, and slogans are chanted in favour of him. As far as China is concerned, it can be hoped that due to economic reasons, the relationship between the two will not only be normalised but will get strengthened in the near future. It seems that there will be no dispute on the border for next two to four years.
Q5. How is Narendra Modi a big name in media ever since 2014?
Narendra Modi is the king of media. Media and Modi have a love and hate relationship since 2002. In spite of this, there is a tremendous craze of Narendra Modi in the media. Big editors consider themselves to be lucky to interview Narendra Modi. In 2.5 years, Modi has given advertisement worth Rs 1100 crore to the media. Overall, I would say that he is the emperor of the media, there is a craze for him in the media and how long it will last, that time would tell.
Q6. Will Modi be made Prime Minister again in 2019? Why did Nitish Kumar leave the dream of becoming Prime Minister?
Despite all its shortcomings and the alleged failure, it seems that Narendra Modi’s craze still persists in the country and the affection of the common man still persists in him. It does not seem that Modi will receive a powerful challenge in 2019. As far as Nitish Kumar is concerned, he is a very resolved man, therefore, he left his prime minister’s claim and joined hands with Modi, and at the end formed a government with the BJP. He cleared his way to become the chief minister so as to achieve his plans and agendas of developing Bihar. Overall, according to today’s indication, it seems that Modi is once again returning to power.
Q.6 Will south accept saffron in 2019 elections? Will Modi’s dream of ‘Congress Free India’ be realised?
It is Modi’s dream but is being achieved by Amit Shah. Results in Kerela in last elections were a positive sign. The way BJP is making efforts in Bengal, in Kerela, along with CPM, and the way it is spreading wings in Tamilnadu, it seems that even if saffron does not hoist in 2019, or if the government is not formed, BJP will still attain a respectable position. The credit will certainly go to Amit Shah.
Q7. What is the relationship between Narendra Modi and Amit Shah? Are they made for each other?
Basically, Narendra Modi is a godfather of Amit Shah. They are made for each other. Their hearts throb together and they have similar ideologies. Apart from the relationship as the head commander, Amit Shah is like a child for Modi. It is like a relationship made by God.
Q8. How do you rate Narendra Modi has the prime minister of this country?
He is a miracle. A living legend. He is a hope of the nation and we can rate him as most powerful and popular prime minister of this country.